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Andrew McCabe:

I believe on most points we are saying the same thing. We are both saying "write the html yourself" as first option. You've brought some of how you save and upload webpages down to a simpler level. I think the w3schools site is one of the best to explain how to write html.

On the picture storage, your answer is probably more suitable to Meepzorp than mine. I perpetually ran into limits in storage (most recently, 100 MB) in my website uploads. This is because my site refers to gigabytes of pics - my pics click through to higher resolutions, and also the sheer size of my site (half million words with 3000 embedded pictures, many illustrating multiple coins). If one is content modest pic size, a few hundred pixels per coin, then storage as part of a webpage may be indeed the best answer.


Why not simply use GoDaddy's "Website Builder"?

Hi folks,

First, thanks to everyone for the replies.

My computer doesn't have a word processor. Will that be a problem?

Pete: I followed your instructions. I clicked on the link, then right clicked, and then selected that option. It directed me to the code page. It looks very complicated. It also looks like extremely tedious work.

Andrew and Pete: Why are you advising me not to use Wordpress and to write the code myself? Is there a reason for that advice? What are the negative aspects of it?

Nick: Why do you want to switch to Coppermine? Is it more complex than Wordpress? Will I have a problem if I use Wordpress?

I minored in computer science when I was in college back in the 1980s. And I was familiar with several different computer programming languages form that era (Basic, Pascal, Fortran, C, Lisp, etc.). However, the prospect of learning a new code seems daunting (and very time-consuming) to me now. I really want to get this rocket off the ground. I was supposed to start taking my photos in the Summer of 2013. I'm over 2 years behind schedule already. Plus, Nick may want to use some of my MFB photos in his upcoming MFB reference book, and he has a hard deadline. I really don't want to waste any more time learning a new code. A previous poster stated that Wordpress is the way to go if you want to get your website up and running quickly.

Can I install Wordpress in a website hosted by Forum?


I think you could have Forvm host a wordpress site, but that might be more complicated and involve installing the wordpress program.  I never had to do that for my wordpress site (at least I don't think I did), since it is hosted there.  My site is essentially a highly modified blog that is all fixed pages, and the homepage is a fixed page, whereas blogs usually show the most recent post. However, wordpress (especially fixed sites) are not easy, and all website creation involves a lot of tedious work.

Maybe you should do the photography first and then work on website development, so as not to take on too much at once.  With the amount of coins you have, and the fact that you want to photograph the written tags of the descriptions (which I advise against), this might be advisable.

The greatest advantage to writing the HTML would be that you know the framework of the site and can go to any server you choose.  I have no clue about the essential framework of my site and if wordpress decides to charge me $100 a month my website dies (I think).

Also, why not just start a gallery here on Forvm instead of your own website?



Andrew and I were just trying to give you options. Even if you use Wordpress or similar there will still be a learning curve. I used a program which is no longer available so I won't name it. But once I created the first few pages I now copy, paste and edit.

Wordpress or any other program does not get loaded onto a website. You use it to create your web-pages on your hard-drive and then just copy those web-pages onto your web-site.

I agree with Nick.



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