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Steve Moulding:
Very nice finds Curtis! Excellent work.

--- Quote from: esnible on January 29, 2022, 08:06:54 am ---...Many people are chasing after pre-1970 provenances.  There aren’t many illustrated FPLs from this period.  There seems to be little interest in FPLs from later — and perhaps that will give us a chance to obtain FPLs cheaply for now....

--- End quote ---

I've also been quietly accumulating older plated FPLs and have a few boxes of them now. I do need to get them organized, if only I can find the time to go through them and get at least their basic information into the rnumis databases.

My latest buy was around 150 of the Monnaies & Medailles SA Listes...some nice coins there and provenances are sometimes noted, which is helpful. I also like that there's a theme in each one...they're not just lists of 'everything'.  Currently I'm scanning those.

There are some amazing Fixed Price Lists pre-1970 but there are also many which are just so-so, like auction catalogs I suppose.  FPLs without plates I skip, and I also see that even the plated ones often don't bother with coin weights (though M&M and Leu do, from what I've seen so far).


Not terribly old catalogs, just going back to ca 2001 - all the gorgeous Künker catalogs can be found on their archive site:
Künker auction archive
Click on "Katalog im Internet" to the right of the catalog you want, then the pdf link.
There are a number of lovely collections including the Rainer Pudill collection and the Samael collection of ancient Jewish coins (the main sale then an addition sale a bit later)

Curtis JJ:
Did anyone buy catalogs from the recent Lanz Library sales? I’ll limit myself to just a few here…

A major theme in my library/collection is “object biography” (provenance), so I went for stuff that was interesting specifically for being ex-libris Lanz.

(Note: Everything but Lanz 88 & Kunstfreund is available online in some form [Lanz 94 & 100 via ACSearch only]; links included in bibliographic info on my Catalog Collection pages [LINK].)

1. Custom Hardbound Leo Benz (Lanz 88, 94, 100).
(More notes & bibliography on my "Catalog Collection Favorites" page: [LINK].)

Leo Benz (1906-1996) was the most important collection of Roman sold in the era of Hubert Lanz – that is, after the deaths of Hubert’s brother Ernst (1945-1989) and their father, Hermann Lanz (1910-1998), who founded the firm in 1947 (and co-founded the IAPN in 1951).

Three catalogs: Lanz 88 (Republican), Lanz 94 (RIC 1) [646 lots, ACSearch], Lanz 100 (RIC 2) [682 lots, ACSearch]. I have one coin (Lanz 88, 407), a “biga of cupids” denarius from “Cousin Julius” Caesar (Craw. 320/1).

I’d never heard of HARDCOVER Leo Benz catalogs before. Anyone else? There was one other set [Lot 3435 LINK] (but partial, only 2 of 3 hardbound, "special edition in full cloth using the covers and spine of the paperback editions").


2. Hand-Named Kunstfreund Sale ([Gillet], Bank Leu w/ M&M, 28 May 1974).
(More of my notes/biblio: [LINK].)

Most buyers’ names hand-written on the pre-sale “estimated prices” list. I “hand-redacted” my photo since many buyers are still living, so you’ll have to take my word for it. (If I’m wrong & they’ve already been published, this is much less interesting!)

I wonder if Hermann Lanz or one of his sons, Ernst or Hubert, made the annotations? (Need to compare handwriting…)

I may never have a Kunstfreund coin myself, but if anyone else has one, maybe I can say who the next owner was.

Kolbe & Fanning (Sale 165, Lot 10) [Lot 10 LINK] just sold another (much nicer!) copy that was also partially hand-named. If the winner sees this: Maybe we have one complete list between us! Call me!

The only complete copy I’m aware of is the one sold at the second sale of BCD Library Duplicates [LINK]. (The lot had a very dramatic description!) BCD emphasized the need for secrecy…

3. "Sammlung Kommerzienrat H. Otto, Stuttgart," Hess 207 (Frankfurt, 1 Dec 1932), with Hermann Lanz’s library stamp & number.
(My "Slg. Otto" notes [LINK] and Stack's 1979 "Sawhill/JMU" annotations [LINK].)

I have one coin illustrated in Slg. Otto, a Messenia AR Hemidrachm/Triobol from Antony & Cleopatra's Greece shortly before Actium. The coin was later in BCD Peloponnesos, Part II [Lot 2327 LINK], but the provenance was lost before BCD bought it. Naturally, I was especially excited to recover that one. (BCD bought the coin from Stack’s in 1979, from the Sawhill/James Madison Univ. Coll. Incidentally, my copy of the Sawhill/J.M.U. sale [LINK] is ex-BCD Library!)
Lanz never handled the coin in question, but they did BCD Corinth & BCD Euboia. I love all the network of connections across the “object biographies” related to that coin!

4. Munzhandlung Basel 6 (Steger & Waldeck), also w/ Hermann Lanz’s “Bibliotheksstempel.”
(My annotations, biblio, coin photo, etc. [LINK])

My favorite thing about the Steger-Waldeck catalog is the lovely French annotations on the plates. They seem familiar, anyone else seen these before?
(Triptych, larger annotated plates [LINK].)

In addition to Hermann Lanz’s stamp, it has the signature of a previous owner. (Not necessarily the annotator.) Does anyone recognize the name?


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