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Steve Moulding:
Very nice finds Curtis! Excellent work.

--- Quote from: esnible on January 29, 2022, 08:06:54 am ---...Many people are chasing after pre-1970 provenances.  There aren’t many illustrated FPLs from this period.  There seems to be little interest in FPLs from later — and perhaps that will give us a chance to obtain FPLs cheaply for now....

--- End quote ---

I've also been quietly accumulating older plated FPLs and have a few boxes of them now. I do need to get them organized, if only I can find the time to go through them and get at least their basic information into the rnumis databases.

My latest buy was around 150 of the Monnaies & Medailles SA Listes...some nice coins there and provenances are sometimes noted, which is helpful. I also like that there's a theme in each one...they're not just lists of 'everything'.  Currently I'm scanning those.

There are some amazing Fixed Price Lists pre-1970 but there are also many which are just so-so, like auction catalogs I suppose.  FPLs without plates I skip, and I also see that even the plated ones often don't bother with coin weights (though M&M and Leu do, from what I've seen so far).



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