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ANS - a magnificent gesture for us all

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A few days ago I learned that the ANS had come to an agreement with Hathitrust to upload the ANS journals and most NNM and NS articles. (There are only a handful of articles which I could not find)

Apparently the ANS told Hathitrust that these must be made freely available to everyone,
(without the "US Only", dreaded by us poor souls in Europe, or the even more tantalising
and frustrating "Access using Partner Login only").

This is a wonderfully generous gesture, which will have a profound impact on collectors, numismatists, teachers and students all over the world.
I still cannot believe it - I am downloading articles in NNMs which are not only out of print,
but which cannot even be found anywhere as second-hand printed copies, by some of the greatest
numismatists from the past 70 years - Noe (incl. The Coinage of Metapontum 2 vols.), Metcalf (incl.
The silver coinage of Cappadocia, Vespasian-Commodus), Thompson (including the 2 volumes of
her New Style Tetradrachms), Bellinger (numerous parts of the Dura hoards); Newell (lots of Seleukid articles); Castelin (The coinage of Rhesaena). Numerous articles of Roman, Byzantine
and Islamic coinage. .... such a wealth of information.

I have already sent a message of thanks to the ANS.

The 540 articles are here:;c=1850525919;sort=title_a;pn=1

To make life easier I have made an xls list of numbers, titles and links to the "Numismatic Notes and Monographs" and "Numismatic Studies", which you can download here:
and use the links in the list (read the Notes in that xls file) to download what you need.
IMPORTANT: If your version of Excel shows the links as direct links, DO NOT USE THE LINK BY SIMPLY CLICKING ON IT as this can cause an error if it has split into two lines in Excel.
If necessary, widen the column with the link in it, so a link appears unsplit.
Mark the complete link (without words such as "bundled" etc), press CTRL C (copy to memory), open your browser and press CTRL V (insert from memory) and it should work.

Just a final note: If there are alternatives, avoid the copies stamped by the University of California -
many of the pages are either askew, stretched to illegibility (moved during scanning), the pages bent upwards or are otherwise poorly copied.
whilst being copied, so only the centre part of the pages are visible

Joe Sermarini:


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Thanks for the links and file!


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Absolutely!  A tremendous resource. 


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