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Byzantine Coins / Re: Follis or imitation?
« Last post by Simon on Today at 01:23:23 pm »
I agree , i bought that coin from a German auction house. The coin is extremly crude for it to be a 12th century imitation but the monogram is very similar to the original.

Most imitations are light weight and created in the 13th century. In this case it is heavier, 2.6 gm and larger 24mm.

Maybe the similarities are simply a coincidence, after all the coin did not commonly circulate in Asia Minor.
Countermark of Tomis.  Coin it self worn beyond recognition.
18mm diameter
Identification Help / Re: Prutah identification
« Last post by Amelia B on Today at 01:02:38 pm »
Any idea folks? thanks
Hi! Can you say anything about this coin? Any ideas? Thank you!
This topic has been moved to "Fake Coins and Notorious Fake Sellers."
You got some wins at auction!

I troll the auctions pretty regularly.  For these two, they were "unsolds" so I paid a very fair price, I think.  Less than the opening bid.

I have some other gems on the way too.  Will soon get (by mail) a very late SEVERVS PIVS AVG BRIT denarius with a cool Jupiter reverse. Also a rather decent Theodosius II solidus from the 430's. Will be sure to post them up when they get here (soon).
You got some wins at auction!
Identification Help / Unpublished Greek!
« Last post by solon on Today at 07:57:16 am »

AE 9mm.  1.80g.

Helmet right / Grape bunch,  :Greek_Nu: :Greek_Upsilon: :GreeK_Sigma: :Greek_Alpha: :Greek_epsilon: above,  :Greek_Omega: :Greek_Nu:  below.

I was unable to find an example of this coin of Nysa from Lydia!

Is there any reference for this coin or is it an unpublished one?

Thank you in advance for your help.

What a wonderful news story. If the coins are votive coin-tosses why are some gold? The idea of a votive object is that it imitates what it represents. Such as a miniature terracotta hand to represent a person's real hand. I have seen crudely made Foree votive gold coins but have never heard of real circulating gold coins being used for this purpose.

Am I wrong to think the number and good condition of the bronze statues in what seems to be a small area indicates they could have been part of a hoard, along with the gold and silver coins?

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