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Phoenicia Arados - Bronze

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Bit of fun  ;D

I can assure the reader that this is not a metal detector find.

I acquired this 3 years ago during a trip to Thailand, I think the weight is around 84kg (185 pounds or 13,2 stones). Unfortunately I do not have an image of the obverse, I apologise if this is a violation of Forvm rules. Are there any board members who can help me with identification and [Removed by Admin  8)] ?

The tattoo parlour assured me that it was genuine  ::)

Does it have a second side.  Glad to hear you have the expert authority of a Thai tattoo shop to rely upon.

I think it could get quite messy and painful if I was to show the other side  ;D

Good place to go for Greek coins, Thailand.  I get most of my Buddha statues from Iceland.


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