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Got my first coins in!


Wuff The Wolfy:
My first order of coins came in today. Speedy shipment, good stuff! I ran inside with my express mail package like a little school girl and opened it with excitment. Then found more packages inside which was disappointing because the first one was hard enough to open already lol but appericated because it's packaged very well, very safe. I finally got to the coins and was in awh at how amazing the idea of how old these coins really are and that they are in my hands. I love how the coins are placed in sleeves with a small story written on them.
When it's all said and done, I am beyond satisfied with my order from Forvm and I am sold. I will continue to shop here and most likely just here.
Forvm, you have earned my trust! ;) If I ever do run into another interested ancient coin collector, recommendations shall be made.
Keep up the awesome job!

I'm curious to see your coin!


Wuff The Wolfy:
If I can figure it out, I shall upload some pics! Lol

"I am beyond satisfied with my order from Forvm and I am sold"

Poor thing. You're already the rest of us.


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