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Marco J:
I am Brazilian, so sorry for any english mistake, do not write very well!

I bought three scarab and need help with translation


Marco Aurelio

Marco J:
Need Help... This simbols, Hieroglyphs!! what is written?


I think only the second one has hieroglyphs, the others just have decorative symbols. 

Marco J:
the 3rd and the 4th I know ... but the 1st? could have been done carelessly?
and for this reason we can not read?


Marco J:
Really the symbols are merely decorative. They do not form a word. You can identify the scarab, kpr, in the center, but the other signs do not form a homogeneous set. If the information on the period is correct, we are already between the Late Period - when governments are no longer, in some moments, Egyptians - and the Ptolemaic Period, when the language used by the general population was no longer Egyptian, but a mixture of Egyptian with Greek - the demotic, and it was used by governments only Greek. It may be an appropriation of an Egyptian symbol of rebirth by foreigners, with a funeral or apotropaic use, but it is difficult to say that this really is.



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