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Post pictures of your Ushabti!

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It would be interesting to see if there is a good variety of ushabtis or shabti owned by users on this board. Ushabtis are perhaps the most collectable variety of ancient Egyptian antiquities. I will start by posting the two modest ushabtis that I own. They were likely created in the Ptolomaic era of 300-30 BC. They are both made of faience and both roughly 6cm tall.


I only have one and it has some damage. Mine is also from the Ptolomaic era and measures about 4 cm or 5 cm if it were complete. I hope to someday get a better more complete one. This is currently my only Egyptian antiquity. I would like to buy more in the future.

Here's one I used to own.  Sold it a few years back.

Two gorgeous ushabtis! Do you have any idea what the hieroglyphics read on your former ushabti Robert?  There are a few scribbled on the back of one of mine and I am trying to figure out what it might say. Not sure if it might be a name or some form of prayer or something else.

Sorry, but I'm afraid I don't know what the translation might be.


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