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I wanted to pick up some supplies and coins from the FORVM shop but I noticed that the prices for international shipping (I'm from Canada) can be quite high! The cost of shipping a dental pick and a brush is (at the cheapest) $30! But to ship a dozen unidentified coins and a dental pick is only $5. It doesn't seem consistent to me!

I was hoping to pick up a pack of Gringott's and a dental pick along with a coin or two but the cheapest shipping option costs more than the entire order! Is there any possible way to get items such as Gringott's or the brushes shipped to Canada for a price less than $30? It seems sellers on eBay that ship internationally are much cheaper by comparison.

Sorry to bring the topic up, it is just that I operate off of a student budget and such high shipping costs make it very difficult to order from FORUM.

Joe Sermarini:
Shipping books and supplies internationally has become very expensive. If, however, you place an order and the shipping seems very high, let me know. If the actual shipping cost is significantly less than our charge, I will refund the difference as a store credit. 


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