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Forvm Store Sold price?


Brendan B:
Hi all!

Newbie question.

Is there a way to see the "SOLD" price when searching Forvm Shop sold coins? I am trying to use this to estimate the value of a coin, since none or few are for sale.


Joe Sermarini:
No. The prices paid for coins purchased from our fixed price catalog are the private information of the buyers.

Prices of sold coins can often be more misleading than useful. Prices of ancient coins have increased over time. The price of a sold coin is not very useful, unless you also know when it sold and how prices for that type have changed over time. Many of the sale prices of coins that sold at Forum years ago would be only a fraction of their current value.

Comparing prices is more difficult than many new collectors understand. No two ancient coins are exactly alike and many factors must be considered in pricing. It is not unusual to have a coin type vary in price, for example, from $30 in the lowest ugliest grade to $1000 with a prefect strike and attractive patina.  


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