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Jonathan A2:
I just got a forum gift certificate for Christmas (Yay!), and I was wondering if you can use them to pay for items you've won from Forum's ebay auctions (as I can often find a very good bargain there!)

Thanks :)

Joe Sermarini:
Yes, you can.  I think you can use the certificate during checkout but if the option is not offered, we can do it manually.

i have a couple of questions regarding gift certificates;

can postage be included in the gift certificate?

can more than one gift certificate be used on a single purchase, or on a single order with multiple items?

thanks in advance,
~ Peter

Joe Sermarini:
I'm not sure I understand the first question.  Gift certificates can be used to pay for postage.  They are as good as cash for any Forum purchase.

More than one certificate can be used on a single purchase but the shopping cart isn't set up for that, so it will take an email or phone call to arrange the payment.

A certificate can be used for more than one purchase.  The remaning balance on the certificate automatically becomes a store credit after the certificate is used. 

If I did not answer everything, please ask again.  Thanks.

nope, i think you covered it, and thanks.

i had a situation elsewhere in the past where only one GC could be used per purchase. it made no sense to me, but they were adamant.

~ Peter


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