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Canaanite Scarab Seal with Kneeling Woman and 2 letters


I got this Canaanite scarab. It depicts a kneeling woman in front of what seems to be an altar with a crown on her head. There are what seem to be 2 letters in Proto-Hebrew script above the altar. It seems to be the letters are Gimel and Lamed. I think it's dated to about 1000 BCE, but I am not sure. Here are my questions:
1) Is this really Canaanite and is the date 1000 BCE correct?
2) What stone is this made from? It's green looking.
3) Is it really Gimel Lamed above the altar or it's just lines just like the crown?
4) If it is Gimel Lamed then what can it possibly stand for?
3) Any info about the scarab's origin, who made it, who it belonged to, any others like this one found and where, etc...



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