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With amphora letter Z    Source CNG reserch


With  :Greek_Lambda: amphora letter . Source ROMA NUMISMATICS May 22nd auction 2013


Right sided Cicada symbol. Source CNG coin shop research


Here is the New Obverse which I designate 68X.

C Lorber identified it in the Demetrios 1 Hoard in CH X, where she stated it was close to Thompson 68.
Hence 68X

The reverse is not mentioned. I take it since she has access to all of Thompson's reverse plates at the ANS that it is not new. It is a pity that the reverse was not said to be known with control X, or that the matching example has an amphora that is unreadable.

I have found a second Right sided cicada in the literature.

The Athenian New Style coins plates in "Le debute des teradrachmes ed' Athenes du "nouveau Style"
:un tresor trouve pres de Gaziantep en 1994" by Auge,Davesne & Ergec in Anatolia Antiqua V  1997 feature this 2nd example but is not really remarked on in the catalogue except as being obverse T65.

Thus this has precedence over the CNG coin above, and has the same obverse T65 but the reverse is different hence New.

Both coins look unquestionably genuine Athenian mint coin.

Top from "Le debutes"
below CNG coin


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