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Forum coins are better in the flesh!


I just wanted to say that while Forums photos are top notch every coin I have bought has been even nicer in hand! So never worry about a coin not living up to the picture, like they do from some dealers!


I'll 2nd that, I've been more than sastified with my forum purchases.

Forum have done it once again! Got my Ptolemy II Tetradrachm, Galerius Follis and republican As today in the post and the photo's really don't do them justice! Absolutely fantastic toning and sharp detail on the tet that doesn't show in the pics. So if you want coins that are better in the hand get em from Forum!


wandigeaux (1940 - 2010):
I have to agree with all of you: the quality of the coins in hand is often surprisingly better than that the image promises (especially on the smaller coins).  Gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.  George S.


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