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Egyptian spoon.


Dear fellow collectors.
What is this ?
The spoon was bought in Poland in the early 70s. That is all I know about it. It is clearly of a composite nature, but the picture does not show the true nature of the egyptian couple. In real they look more genuine.

Regards  A.

The writing seems to be Islamic.  Perhaps a tourist trinket?


I have almost the same spoon. It comes from my own ancestor (5 generations). She was an actress during 1870-1900. She travelled around the world (China, Japan, Egypt..). She brought back this spoon from Egypt. The exact datation of the purchase of the spoon in Egypt is unknown. We can say it was between 1870 and 1900. It was a tourist trinket bought in a bazar.
I hope these informations would help you.

Best Regards.

Thanks Frederic
This is a strange coincidence and usefull information.

Happy holliday   A.

Thats interesting. Could it have been for tourists in the late nineteenth century?


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