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Joe Sermarini:
Just to be clear, the NumisWiki version of Historia Numorum is no longer the 1911 edition. It is a wiki. Any member can modify or update it. The biggest changes, done by me, are updating the reference lists. I update these regularly when I become aware of new applicable references.

Imperatrix, Catálogo de la Moneda Medieval Castellano-Leonesa [Spanish Medieval Coinage from the Kingdom of Castile and Leon]. (ANE, Barcelona, 2021), 8th-14th C. This is the online catalog companion to Manuel Mozo Monroy´s book Enciclopedia de la Moneda Medieval Románica, ss. VIII-XIV, 3 vols. (2017).

Here's an update on Roman Provincial Coins, both the books and the website, and on rNumis, the online ancient coin catalog + provenance database.

See the article More Websites for Researching Ancients the Modern Way, by Mark Fox. The author of this article is well known to us at the Discussion Boards of Forum Ancient Coins.  The article appears (here) in the NBS blog 'The E-sylum' of Jan. 2, 2022. 

Timeline for online publication of RPC V.2 is by the XVI International Numismatic Congress in Warsaw (11-16 September 2022), RPC VI and RPC VII.2 are now both online, with hardcopy to follow... Check the RPCO website for updates:

The rNumis website is highlighted, with an interview of its author and webmaster, Steve Moulding, another FAC regular.  At its core, the site consists of two complementary activities: the Numismatic Auctions Explorer, providing the underlying catalog photos and entries for the Ancient Greek Coin Provenance Explorer.

Finally, check out Mike Markowitz's article on CoinWeek on online references for Ancients (here).


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