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Date my Egyptian Statuette of Osiris


Egyptian Bronze--Statuette of Osiris
Please help me data this artifact...

Egyptian Bronze
Statuette of Osiris
An ancient Egyptian bronze statuette of the god Osiris, lord of the underworld. The statuette is of slender elongated form. The mummiform god wears the atef crown fronted with a uraeus, a regal beard; and holds a crook and flail.
Height: 4 1/2 in. (11.3 cm).

Hi Mazz-man,

I also have one of these. The information I was given was that it was dated to between 600 and 400 B.C. Whether that is, in fact, the case I couldn't say since I know virtually nothing about the period. I only bought it as a gift for my wife because she has a liking for Egyptian history. It was purchased, however, from a reputable dealer in London.


Hi Mazz - man,
Your statuette is a common artifact from the XXV th to the XXXth dynasties (in fact Alex is right on this point).

As your Osiris grab his attributes with his hands shown one above the other, the statue is issued from the northern part of Egypt (lower Egypt), most probably from Saqqarah, the great necropolis of Memphis. This kind of statuettes was sold to the pilgrims in great number on the way to the entrance of the Serapeum (necropolis of Apis Bulls).

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I read that the statue sates Late Period, Ca. 7th - 1st century BC.  This would fit in perfectly with what you two are saying.  Where would I be able to find more information about this item?

Thanks to all!!!

The best book on the subjet is the (very) difficult to find  "€gyptische Bronzefiguren" of GŸnther Roeder. Mitteilungen aus der Šgyptischen Sammlung 6. Berlin, 1956.
Otherwise any museum, with an egyptian collection and a catalogue, may be a valuable source of information (The Metropolitan Museum, the British Museum, The Louvre Museum, the Museo Egizzio of Torino, and so on ...

As an sample, I affix to this message a picture of an Osiris Statuette from .. the archeological museum of Lisboa (portugal) !
Best regards.


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