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Roman coins overstruck by Spain

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Victor C:

These two Late Roman bronze coins seem to have been countermarked as 4 maravedis --IIII with a crown over the top.  I am not exactly sure when these coins were re-introduced, but I have seen similar struck in the 1600's under Philip IV of Spain; so over a thousand years later and these two coins were circulating again.

A.D. 260- 268
Ӕ Antoninianus
20x21mm    3.0g
GALLIENVS AVG; radiate head right.
SECVRIT PERPET; Securitas standing facing, head left, leaning on column to right and holding scepter H in right field.
RIC IV Rome 280

Constantine I
A.D. 312- 313
22mm   4.1g
IMP CONSTANTINVS P F AVG laureate, draped, seen from the rear.
SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI  Legionary eagle (to the left) between two vexilla, that on left surmounted by a right hand, that on right by a wreath; flag on the eagle.
in ex R S   
RIC VI Rome 348

Cool !


Virgil H:
Blows me away that a coin would be overstruck 1,000 years later. Amazing.


Victor C:
Yes, these are some of my most cherished.  ;D

Hi VC,

Nice coins! :)

And an interesting historical context also.



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