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New Coin to Show Off, LOL

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Nice coin, Virgil. 
If you have become a fan of Diana, a similar obverse type can be found on Cr 383/1 Ti. Claudius Ti. f. Ap. n. Nero, from just a few years earlier.  I think I have one in my gallery. 
On both issues, I find the quiver and bow to be interesting, because the scale of those items is somewhere between an "attribute" and a more realistic sculptural scale.  In other words, the engraver did not merely place the quiver and bow somewhere on the coin, but also did not really fit the scale of the portrait, either.
Personally, I would not have messed around with the scale of the bow of the goddess of the hunt...

Jay GT4:
Great coin.  That type was one of my first Republicans.  I just sold mine a few months ago.

Virgil H:
Thanks Pmah and Jay, Pmah, I will check out that coin you mention. I have always loved Diana/Artemis and most coins I have with her are the eastern cult Artemis. The western Diana is so different. The thing about some of these Republican coins is their sheer artistry. On my coin, the portrait of Diana is just amazing. One thing I didn't mention is her hair, which I find so incredibly rendered. As well as the other aspects of her bust, as well as the bow and quiver. And I agree the bow and quiver are very interesting here. I guess I find this portrait is of a young, strong woman of great beauty and power. The engraver nailed it and the reverse with the dog and spear and so much "white" space to be extremely powerful, much more so than if there had been more legends and/or symbols. It is a simple work of art with great power and impact. I wonder if the artists were going for this or if it just worked out that way.


Ken W2:

Hey Virgil. Really nice coin!  Congrats. I too have developed an interest in denarii of the republic. I only have 4 so far (part of a reverse type subset I’m working on that includes imperial denarii and some ants too). I also like the fuller weight of republican denarii as many are right at 4 grams. 

Virgil H:
Thanks, Ken. Yeah, some of the demarii of the Republic are amazing. I have certainly developed an interest in them and I have also maybe 3 or 4 only. Some of them are just stunning.



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