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Cleopatra VII, AE17 Neopaphos, Cyprus, Mint, head of Zeus, Zeus standing.

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Hi All,.

Here is a picture of probably the fairly common coin usually described as "Cleopatra VII, AE17 Neopaphos, Cyprus, Mint, head of Zeus, Zeus standing".

The normal ending to this description is "holding a wheat sheaf on stalk".

The attached photo seems to show him holding something other than a wheat sheaf and I seem to remember reading in the past that there was a second variety holding something else. My memory is a bit light on for details but I think that it was a Roman ceremonial object (?).

Can anyone give me information on this or is it simply a die pit.

All the best,

Search "Cox 128 Cyprus" on this Discussion Forum.

Pekka K:

Or take a look here:

Pekka K

Hi JamesC11 and Pekka K,

Thank you both for the information. It is much appreciated.

Exactly what I was after - I "remembered" the Roman item held in Zeus hand from years back but couldn't find a reference.

All the very best,

The attribution to Cleopatra VII is greatly questioned by many numismatists.  I does make the coins much more saleable.


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