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Large Old Seal Angel w/Sword?


Pete B:
Hello Everyone! I hope that you're enjoying your day... here we have a large 30+mm what I think is a Seal, which has a large Angel brandishing a sword, similar to the Caliph with Sword coins? Greek legend on the reverse probably tells its story, but I don't know enough to string together something coheremt... any help would be truly apprecited. Thank You.

Joe Sermarini:
I just stumbled on a similar seal in Jordanov, I. Corpus of Byzantine Seals from Bulgaria. (Sofia, 2003), p. 70, 67, dated 13th  - 14th century, found in Sophia. The figure is described as St. Michael, nimbate and winged, standing facing, wearing cuirass, short chiton and military chlamys, sword in right hand on shoulder, sheath in left hand (sword and sheath reversed on yours).  The reverse is, like yours, the official's name and titles. I am sure it is not the same as yours. But I think the obverse description and like the date will be a useful start for you. Unless you can read the reverse, you might not be able to get much farther.

Pete B:
Thank You, Joe! That's a surprise; as usual I was thinking of a different part of the world...
Thank You for this site


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