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Help needed to identify Lead Seals


Kath D2:
Another one in the group of lead seals that we need help in identifying.  I will be posting them one at a time here.

Any assistance with any information on these coins would be greatly appreciated!

Kath Durand
Forum Ancient Coins

99059 12.408g, 21.8mm ?CISTERED?

Hi Kath.  I searched for "Webb & Co Lead Seal" and found this!

Seed Merchants, Webb & Sons Seal
WEBB & SONS SALTNEY CHESTER (around), MANURE MANFRS (across in two lines)
REGISTERED TRADE MARK, around a crowned emblem, which has WEBBS across the top.

Not an exact match, but close.  There are a number of similar seals from this company. is a pretty neat site.  You can search their gallery for "Webb & Sons".  I have no idea about the value.  Good luck!


It isn't "cistered" but rather "registered trademark" on that side. 20th century, c. 1902-1952, the crown on top of the design is a male crown in British regal iconography. I see someone beat me to it and with better details.



Kath D2:
Thank you!


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