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New RIC II.3 (Hadrian) wins the $10,000 Collier Prize

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The results are in and the votes have been cast - Richard Abdy has won the ANS's $10,000 Collier Prize for "numismatic literature published in 2020", as announced at the very end of a committee meeting today.
(I had also submitted GRPC Lydia)
So well done, Richard.

For information, the eight finalists in alphabetical order were:
Coinage in the Orontes Valley of Syria (Jack Nurpetlian)
Connections, Communities and Coinage (George C. Watson)
Greek and Roman Provincial Coins Lydia (Dane Kurth)
Lydie, Terre d'Empires (Pierre-Olivier Hochard)
Money and Power in Hellenistic Bactria (Simon Glenn)
Recherches Numismatiques sur l'Empereur Pertinax (Olivier Lempereur)
RIC II-2 (Richard Abdy, winner)
Trésors monétaires XXIX (Vincent Drost)

Wow, Dane, that's awesome!

I was at the meeting, in person.  We were on the edge of our seats as the it was announced.

Even being nominated is a huge mark of respect!  Congrats.


Jay GT4:
Indeed!  Congrats Dane

Thankyou everyone. It's a shame they didn't give some $$$ to the runners up - there are still some books I want to buy and I have spent all my pennies for this year.  ::)


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