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BMC Cyrenaica by Robinson

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--- Quote from: esnible on October 21, 2021, 06:59:58 am ---
426 Kyrene coins in the BM collection are online. 

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Yes, thank you. No problem finding those. Helpful and tedious to track through their reported 622 'objects'. And there's some useful cross-ref information there also to connect to Robinson but the book is an important tool to learn how Robinson organized them. Some in Robinson are also in Poole (and some of those are in listed in Svoronos, too) so there's some crazy cross/duplication checking that is needed as well.

Fortunately one of the other readers of this group is generously loaning a copy.

Maybe it'll be possible to re-create the Robinson plates with online images as part of this metrology study of 2nd C. Ptolemaic bronze coins of Cyrene, which will complete the Ptolemaic bronze coin metrology survey. Three parts of it have already been published in AJN, INR, and BRN, one more should be 'at the printer' now, and the Cyrene study should wrap it up with a total of five papers.
Thanks for your help.



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