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Seal of George Archon? 7th/8th Century? 27.5 mm 25.48g.


I recently received this interesting seal.  It measures 27.5 mm and weighs 25.48g. 
On the obverse is, within a decorated ring, :  :cross: Θεοτόκε βοήθι  :cross:
On the reverse is, within a decorated ring, :

   :Greek_Gamma:  :Greek_epsilon:  :Greek_omega_small:  :Greek_Rho:
 :Greek_Gamma: :Greek_Iota: :Greek_Omicron: :Greek_Upsilon_2: :A3:  :Greek_Rho:
 :Greek_Chi:  :Greek_Omicron: :Greek_Nu: :Greek_Tau:

I believe that it reads “Mother of God, help George, Archon” and dates to the late 7th Century.  Am I correct in my reading?

Did the title “archon” denote a provincial governor at this time?  I have also read that it may denote a ruler, such as used by the Bulgarian kings,or a position in the church. 



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