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Brunsmid: Coins of Dalmatia


Just for fun, I have begun to translate (only) the coins pages (Part II, ca 60 pages) of Brunsmid's "Die Epigraphie und Münzen der griechischen Städte Dalmatiens" and have been able to add a couple of links to works which he cites, namely Schlosser and BMC.
However, he cites "Catalog Unger" quite a lot. He writes "Diese wichtige Sammlung dalmatinischer Inselmünzen wurde bei der Auction
der früher in Graz befindlichen Unger'schen Sammlung in Wien 1896" = This important collection of Dalmatian island coins of Unger's collection, formerly from Graz, was sold at the auction  in Vienna in 1896.
However, the sale was apparently held by Brüder Egger, because many of their catalogs from the turn of the century list catalogs of past sales for sale, amongst others "Auktions-Katalog der Sammlung Th. Unger, enthaltend antike Münzen...1897.. 4719 Nummern, 5 Tafeln".
The digital library in Heidelberg (a wonderful source for old German etc. sales catalogs) doesn't have any Egger catalogs from before about 1910.
A google search for "Auktions-Katalog der Sammlung Th. Unger" only lists a couple of other catalogs in which the Unger catalog is listed as being for sale, as described above.
Does anyone know where I can download the 1897 Brüder Egger catalog of the Unger sale?


--- Quote from: helvetica on September 14, 2021, 06:44:45 pm ---... Does anyone know where I can download the 1897 Brüder Egger catalog of the Unger sale? ...
--- End quote ---
I didn't find a free download, all of the usual suspects don't have it :(.

But if you are willing to pay 50 €, then you can get a pdf from the university library in Vienna:

I didn't know that this kind of service does exist. Not cheap, but at least available :-\.



Thanks Altamura, however, seeing as I am doing this translation for free and am putting it online for free, I don't fancy paying 50 Euros for the pdf.
I am also looking for decent scans of the plates in the Brunsmid work. Some of the images in the pdf I have are the usual Google black blobs...

My translation of Brunsmid is now on academia, and can also be downloaded from the password-protected pdf page on my catbikes website. I added a lot of additional types and loads of additional images.


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