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Is there a real ancient bronze scarab?new photos

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Mike C2:
Dear Board;
Is there a real ancient bronze scarab?

Hi Mike, have you seen one?

Mike C2:
I received those photos[same scarab in bronze]
I have doubt because i had never seen before ???

Hi Mike,
     You have a very interesting scarab! The photos are blurry on my monitor. The back has two cartouches but I can't read them. Can you provide clearer photos?
     Bronze scarabs are very rare. For one example, dated to the 20th Dynasty, reign of Ramses VI, see Petrie, W.M.F. Scarabs and Cylinders with Names, London, 1917: Page 8, ยง16, "Bronze is very unusual, but there is one here of XXth." Plate XLVI, No. 20.4.3.
     I hope this helps.

Mike C2:
Hi Russ;
Great thanks for your contribution.When i have seen photos of this unusual huge bronze scarab [on whatsapp]]i was surprised and thought it was a bad fake,but owner is very old collector and told me that this item was legacy in his family since very long time,he told me also that he can see traces of silver?Any way ,i should see the owner with his scarab next week and i will try to give you better photos if possible and more info once item is in my hand
Great thanks in advance


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