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Acheloios from the Temple of Aphrodite at Naukratis?

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I’m very happy to have acquired this new artifact, which I attribute to Naukratis c. late 7th to mid 6th century BC.  It might be the earliest know Greek depiction of Acheloios, though it appears to be made in local style, unlike slightly later and larger Acheloios-shaped balsamarii from the temple of Aphrodite at Naukratis.

It is really magnificent to behold in hand.  I absolutely love it.  

There is also an old collection tag affixed to the base.  It appears to be a repurposed postage stamp and I’m tempted to remove so I can date the provenance further back.

What is the size and purpose of the vessel?  What does it look like from the side?  Are the horns broken/cut off?

About 2.5 inches tall.  It was sold as a cosmetic pot, but I think it probably held water for ritual or medicinal/funerary ointment.  The horns appear to have been originally formed as broken horns, which is common for Acheloios and earlier bucrania in general. 

I cent seem to get the photos to easily upload for some reason!

Here is one from Tarquinia, which Isler describes as in Egyptian style. I believe mine is the prototype.


--- Quote from: Molinari on March 09, 2019, 09:26:44 pm ---.... and earlier bucrania in general. 

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I didn't know this and find it quite interesting. Why, do you think?

Great piece Nick, especially for you! Congratulations.

- Peter


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