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King Tutankhamun Exhibit - Los Angeles - Until January 2019


Posting here because the subject is Egyptian artifacts, a museum exhibition which could go in its own discussion topic area but it's not numismatic.  Hint:  no coins made when King Tut was around in the 14th C. BC : 

But this is one spectacular exhibit and if are in, or you can get to, Los Angeles while it's on (until about January 6 2019) you will be amazed by a collection of artifacts from King Tutankhamun's tomb, discovered in 1922 (by Howard Carter who did, btw, publish on coin finds in some of his other archaeological digs).  The exhibition also has historical information and a short film about the discovery of the tomb and the 5000+ artifacts it contained (which took Carter 10 years to clear out).

Here are a few photos of astonishing works of art that are about 3500 years old, made with sophistication and artistic sensitivity we can approach but not exceed today. 

It's at the Los Angeles Science Center (aka 'the science museum') near USC campus and the LA Coliseum football stadium in central LA, directly south of downtown LA and the LA convention center.  Lots of ways to get there.  If you have a chance to see it, don't miss it - only about 8 weeks left to take this in and you won't see it again.  The exhibit will move to Europe when it leaves LA and nearly half these (dozens of) artifacts have never been displayed outside Egypt and I suspect they won't be again.  It's carved wood and stone, gold, gemstones, and scarabs and...  it's breathtaking. 

And while you're there, all you Egyptian cosmology myth space buffs can visit the Endeavour space shuttle, which is housed at the science center as well.  When the shuttle program ended a few years ago they brought Endeavour to LA on the back of a 747 (which isn't much bigger) and hauled it through the streets to lie in rest in its own building at the science center.  It's pretty amazing, too.



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