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Kudos to Joe and Forum Ancient Coins

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 +++After two Saturdays of playing catch-up with my collection, after NYINC and other shows, I send a shout-out to Forum and Joe:
1.  Professionalism.  Two or three recent orders ( I had a lot of catch-up) were shipped immediately and packed pristinely. As always.
2.  Pristine? Yes, I usually have to re-cover or wrap books and catalogs, but Forum uses library quality wrap and better-than-I-can  neatness.
3.  Coins are accurately described --I usually copy and paste Forum's notes into my database.
4.  Flips - Forum sends coins in flips that I have never had to swap out.  I have to do that routinely for much larger auction houses using poly-razzamatazz flips.
5.  Technology: Forum not only supports this Board, but is near the top of technical presentation.  I recently dealt with a really nice dealer, but so low tech we might have well used post cards.Also dealt with a big auction house with a phone app that nearly almost worked but not quite. My only tech issue with Forum is that you can't display your password.  I doubt Putin is phishing me.  So far. 
6. Customer support   -  you don't get an acknowledgement, you get an answer.
7.  This discussion board -- have not found its equal. 
  So, in this increasingly slab-happy, app-happy, high fee hobby, I am glad Forum found and provides a balance point.

Jay GT4:
Agree with all of the above.  First class outfit.  Purchasing a coin from forum supports this board and the wealth of information it contains.  There really is no substitute.

Well said PMah. Joe deserves much credit for all he has done for the numismatic community not just in the USA but around the world.


Joe Sermarini:
Thanks.  We do try very hard.

Well said , you made our day.
It seems in the world of Ancients, that the minute, the coin or the ancient object enters FORVM’s flip, the minute will gain an extra history on the top of its own.
Which I like to call the FORVM’s magic flavor, which takes the heart of the authentic collector.
Thanks to the FORVM team work (including the very dear members , the honorable knights of FORVM), with their hard and honest work, made FORVM ‘s name one of the best in the world.


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