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     A question about your bead work sale No. AZ33396...

     Are the heads actually present?

     The four sons of Horus were/are:
     1.   Qebsennuf – hawk headed – protected the liver
     2.   Daumadef – jackal headed – protected the lungs
     3.   Hapi – ape/baboon headed – protected the intestines
     4.   Amset (Mestha) – human headed – protected the stomach
            There are variations in the spelling of the names.
     1.   Blanchard, R.H. Handbook of Egyptian Gods and Mummy Amulets, Cairo, 1909 (Attic Books re-print, nd): page 14, Figs. 94 to 98.
     2.   Petrie, W.M.F.  Amulets, London, 1914: pages 39 and 40, Plate XXXII
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Joe Sermarini:
The photo very clearly shows exactly what is there...

Egyptian, Beaded Horus Falcon and Kebhsenuf Funerary Ornaments, Ptolemaic Period, 304 - 30 B.C.

7 ¼" Horus Falcon with crowned head and spread wings, 2 pairs of 3 ½" Kebhsenuf, brightly colored turquoise blue, maroon, white yellow, & black faience beads. Ex collection of Alex G. Malloy, dealer in antiquities for 40 years; Ex Alex G. Malloy, Ancient Art and Antiquities, Summer 1977, 17. These funerary ornaments were likely placed on the chest of a mummy sheathed in strands of blue faience beads.

I don't see detailed heads.


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