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Anyone Proficient With Scarabs?


Ken Dorney:
I have a number of scarabs I need attributed and translated if possible.  Any one here proficient with that?  A few examples:


No. 1.    "Amen-Ra" above a winged scarab, probably late New Kingdom, XIXth to XXth Dynasty; glazed steatite faded to light tan.

No. 2.     Needs some study.

No. 3.     Seemingly of the "An-Ra" class, Second Intermediate Period, unglazed/unfired (?) black steatite.


Hi  Ken,

No. 2.    Petrie gives two translations of this inscription "Some wish scarabs, 679, 680 (Plate XII) have been read as "Establish thy name, create a child for thee'; it may be however that the obelisk and oval read Amen, as the obelisk alone reads that, and the oval with n in it reads the same, so that it may be "Amen create for thee all children'. see Petrie, W,M.F. Buttons and Design Scarabs, London, 1925: page 21.
Late New Kingdom or later.


Hi Ken,

     Just a side note... your scarab "SKU:2KD182" is not blue faience but rather blue fret, also known as "Egyptian blue".



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