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Great deal from Joe!

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Picked up this lot of 50 Roman silver coins for $300 (see pic).  That's 6.00 each, right?!  A mistake?  I think not; here is Joe's description:

"We are tempted to buy this lot from the consignor, and attribute and sell the coins individually. We are, however, far behind in attributing and listing the coins we already have. We have to pass, so you have the opportunity to make this excellent buy."

Perfect lot to sharpen my Roman attribution skills, which have dulled considerably while I obsess about Acheloios.

Another similar lot is also available, while it lasts:

Thanks, Joe!

I've got that tingly feeling all over, like when I bought my first ancient.

Dear Molinari,

Nice private hoard  ;D



Very nice! Attributing that lot will be a lot of fun.

Thanks. I suppose I should buy Roman Silver Coinage.  That's the standard for these types, correct?

Din X:
"Picked up this lot of 50 Roman silver coins for $300 (see pic).  That's 6.00 each, right?"

If I click on the link logged in or not it shows me "only $7 each; $350.00"

Maybe the listing has been updated and the price increased since you wrote you posting or you have posted the wrong link.  


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