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Jyrki Muona gives a great testimonial that prompts me  to ask about consigning to Forum from outside the US.

I am contemplating a refocusing of my collection, which would involve selling around one third  (150 ancient Greek coins) of it.  However, I live on the other side of the planet from Forum.

What is the experience of international consignors and how do they ship large volumes of coins to Forum for consignment in these days of stringent ICE enforcement of anti-collecting MOU's etc.?  Sure I have the documentation to support the the ownership of the coins outside the MOU time limits etc but my experience of US customs officials suggests that they are not well versed in these matters and tend to judge first and ask questions latter (no offense intended).  The potential hassle involved is a genuine turn-off for me.

Also I find international shipping and deiivery increasing unreliable and wonder what shippers international consignors use?

Joe Sermarini:
Forum both receives and sends many international packages.

We receive consignments from overseas very often. We have not had an incoming shipment sent to us by mail opened by customs for several years. Not one. This includes some fairly large boxes of coins, listed as antique metal tokens (or something similar) on the customs declaration. Customs does open almost all FEDEX and other non-mail shipments. When they have opened FEDEX packages, nothing has been questioned, challenged, blocked or denied.

We have not lost a mail shipment, incoming or outgoing, international or domestic, for several years. I recommend express mail with delivery signature required.

I am splitting this from the topic where it was originally posted. It is too far off subject.

Thanks for the info. It gives me something to work with and I'll consult with the local postal authorities. I guess its probably safer to ship large numbers of coins in multiple batches than all in one go? Do cosigners insure their shipments and if so what is the cost of doing so?

Joe Sermarini:
Some consignors use multiple shipments, I assume to limit the size or value of shipments for insurance reasons. I do not know what they pay for insurance. For a high enough value consignment, we would use a courier and hand carry the coins.


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