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Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Virgil H. $10 FORVM dollars added. We never know when we will get another lot like that. Consignors decide what to send to us.

 +++ Thanks for another spectacular coin I just added to my medieval collection from the Forum Shop. 
This one is Anglo-Gallic (it's what some coin collectors buy when they've lived in both Britain and France).  I love the smooth transactions, the scholarship, and care in presentation and packaging (even the flips!). 

Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Anaximander. $10 FORVM dollars added to your account.

I'm new here, but as a beginner in collecting ancient coinage this forum has already been incredibly helpful. Looking forward to picking up pieces to build my collection from members!

Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Harrumph. $10 FORVM dollars added to your account.


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