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Forum is the best ancient coin store, no question about it.  Here is one of my favorite Forum purchases.

The coins I buy from Forum always look better in hand than in the picture.


I discovered FORVM about two years ago, and since then it has become my favorite website for learning about ancient coins and my favorite store for purchasing them. I can always trust that Forum Ancient Coins will accurately describe every item, which makes me proud to have their coins in my collection.

Thanks Joe!

I get several things from a Forvm purchase:

Fair prices
Great coins
Peace of mind

Thank you Joe.

Joe Sermarini:
Thanks to all the posters so far.  I have added the Forum dollars to your accounts.

If you have never purchased from Forum, just post anything. You will get $10 Forum dollars for your first order.

What to say after 55 purchases ….The best ever.
Safe , elegant , great , affordable plans for new to the hobby , fun, enjoyment , knowledge , friendship....
Most of my masterpieces are from FORVM Coin Shop , they are all my favorite .

Here is to the big guy President Joseph Sermarini .  +++


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