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This is my first experience with scarabs. I spent some time on the web trying to classify this exemplar. According to what I learned, this scarab performed under influence of Hyksos rulers of Egypt in Canaan between 1750-1250BCE. It seems to me cross-pattern with two symmetric nfr hieroglyphs.

The material is steatite. Size is 18x13mm.

Please let me know whether my identification is correct.

Best Regards,

Hi Explorer,

     From the photos presented, I would say the scarab is Second Intermediate Period, Hyksos, circa 16th Dynasty. The scarab bears a common cross motif, but what is unusual are the hieroglyphs: "Nefer" meaning beauty, at one end; but, the other end is too blurry to determine. The shaded areas may represent a lotus or papyrus. For types similar to yours, see: Niccacci, Alviero O.F.M, trans. Godfrey Kloetzli, O.F.M. Hyksos Scarabs, Studium Biblicus Franciscanum, Museum 2, Jerusalem, 1980: Numbers 309 to 317.


Thank you Russ,

This is fascinating world of scarabs performed 3500 years ago! The most amaizing that there are thousands of exemplars survived after this tremendous period of time. They were already ancient when Romans started strucking their own coins. Initially, I thought to clean up the dirt to figure out the second hieroglyph, but decided to keep the scarab intact as was found.



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