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rick fox:

Does anyone know why the name Roma was so special?

Can anyone tell me the secret "name" of the Roman Republic?

I believe the "secret" name was Amor, Roma backwards. Amor was also the Roman God of Love. The penalties for uttering the secret name were severe but I'm afraid I can't remember the origins. If I have time I will look into it and if no-one else has answered your question by that time hopefully I will be able to satisfy your curiosity.  :-\


<<UPDATE>> All I've found out so far:

Stephen M. Wheeler, Classics Professor at Pen State U., is working on a book to be titled "In the Name of Rome" - described as "A book on etymological discourse involving the name of Rome, amor/Roma wordplay, secret name of Rome, identity of Rome."

and this:



More probably then the name of Romulus comes from Roma. That Rome is named by Romulus is part of the myths explaining the founding of Rome and must be dated later!



--- Quote from: divvsavgvstvs on April 20, 2004, 02:33:47 pm --- Amor was also the Roman God of Love.

--- End quote ---

Isn't Venus the goddess of love? I don't know my Roman mythology very well, so correct me if I made a mistake.


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