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Julian II AE2 cut down into a Solidus weight


Hello everyone, I recently acquired this Julian II AE2 that was cut down and holed. It weighs 4.55g (someone plugged the hole with wax, so that adds to the weight), and appears to have been cut down as a gold solidus weight. Interesting piece!

Thank you so much for sharing the interesting artifact. I have a collection of various mints of the Bull coinage and this is a nice feature that you added. Appears to be of the Constantinople mint. So, that does make it more plausible it was used as such a weight.
I wonder how the general public felt about Julian after his reign?
Of course, the Christian view was not good, but remember there was a large "pagan' population still in the Empire.
Thanks again, a most interesting weight

Lone Wolf:
I notice that it preserves the imperial portrait and is cut so that the bull is in the centre. Looks like the cutter, at least, didn't feel any active antipathy to the last pagan emperor. 


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