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Has anyone seen a accounting of what this may be. It was in a group of weights of large variety. Is it a bowl that would be used to hold a item being weighed?
20mm wide 5mm deep 8.86 gm
and the one with a whorl pattern is 15mm/5mm 5.53 gm

The other is a lead weight
17mm/9mm thick  32.9 gm

I am not familiar with lead byzantine weights so might this be attributed to a earlier date




I am also not an expert on coin weights. However, the Byzantines seem to have used composite weights which were assembled to the desired value.

For an example see    [LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN]

Maybe the "bowl" has been a frame for such an assembly. Of course this is speculative ...



no 1: Is a part of an early byzantine or late roman cup-weight. The cup-weight usually consist 5 or 6 pieces which fit together and form a cup. Each part is different in weight and dimensions. The weight in total is mostly one roman or byzantine Libra. Commercial or trade weight!

no 2: I'm not shure but it seems to be an early arabic weight

no 3: is a late roman lead weight. The obverse ist marked with eight punches. The eight punches could stand for eight sextula. 1 sextula = 4,5 g. That means the weight is missing approx. 8% which is not unusual. (corrosion, wear....) ect. commercial or trade weight!


So the pellets represent sextula on these lead trade weights, that makes sense with some other weights I have.

I presume then that on this 14 sided polygon weight the two pellets represent sextula also, thoughit seems a little under at 6.29 gm?




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