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Cleaning Persian Helmets

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This is my first time posting to this portion of the Forum, but I assume this is the right place for my query.

I recently bought these 2 Persian helmets for decorative purposes.  I honestly don't know if they are victorian reproductions or the real thing, but both have a bit of surface rust on the outside, and heavier rust on the inside.  The liners have rotted out of both of them (if they were there in the first place). 

I'm wondering how I should clean the surface rust off of them.  My gut is to use something like olive oil or mineral oil with a rag, then maybe apply some renaissance wax to seal them after cleaning.  Does this sound like a prudent approach? 

Any comments on authenticity or sites where I could learn more about the helmets would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


I don't know if they specified the era that the helmet came from, but with my very limited knowledge it looks more 18th century than ancient. I can't comment on the authenticity though.

Can't comment on authenticty or origin, but either way, I wouldn't touch them.  I would leave them as is IMO.  If truly aged, I would not mess with it.

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