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Fake COTD :)


Just picked this one up as a placeholder-someday I will afford a real one! :)

Lead copy of a Syracusan tetradrachm. 26mm, 16.84gm. This is a rare die-struck trial piece reproduced by Peter Rosa (Becker Reproductions) from a genuine coin in the British Museum. Acquired from the estate of Mr. Rosa, who produced only a few of these pieces in lead for personal use from each die that he manufactured. Extremely high quality and well preserved. "Becker BMC 346" stamped into the edge of the flan.

And my picture, with more accurate color. Not too bad for a fake, obviously struck, but of course it's still fake. :)

Any marking on the coin to show it's a fake?   Just curious if people are following the law or not.

Thank you.

"Becker BMC 346" stamped into the edge.  If I'm not mistaken, you can see it on the left of the obv. on featherz scan.

Yep, it's stamped on the edge. I doubt anyone would take it for real anyways, but in either case that part is taken care of. Saving my pennies to afford a real one someday. :)


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