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New life as Byzantine weight?


I recently bought this coin because of curiosity. The reverse of this coin (probably a Cilician AE 2nd/1st century BC) has been polished clean and small dots are engraved into it. From the photo, this reminded me of Byzantine weights. The weight of this coin is 6.65g, which fits in the Byzantine system of weights well as 1/48 of the pound, 1.5 solidius or 32 siliquae. I am certainly no expert on weights, Byzantine or any other, so my questions are:

1 Is this all a little far fetched - are there exampled of coins recycled as weights?
2 If so, what could be engraved on the reverse?


Gert, I've seen quite a few example, a few in FORVM's catalog.
If I remember correctly there was even an Alexander bronze hammered into a rectangular shape.

Here are two:,%27main%27),%27main%27)



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