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COTD Claudius/Agrippina


Just picked this one up. Not stunning as far as patination goes, but I didn't have an agrippina Jr. :)

Maybe an entirely new category should be started. "Feather's acquisition of the day" ;D

Nice one! :D


I like it, Heather.  Those 12 nummia bronzes from Bosphorus under Kotys I are the only affordable way to get an Agrippina Jr.  Nice clear legends on that one, too.

That's what I figgured. :) I can't afford a 'real' agrippina jr, so I got this one instead..

Auto: That's nuttin, you should see what ELSE I bought yesterday. Cost an arm and a leg and I don't even think it will be COTD-worthy when I get it.  ;D ;D


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