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Flooding the Coliseum?

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I have heard that the Romans flooded the coliseum, and that it is a well know fact.  But I also heard that the most famous flooding of the coliseum was under the reign of Claudius.  This is impossible because the Coliseum was built 26 years after Claudius died.

Any thoughts welcome.

They are 2 options:
You did not hear it well
you heard from someone who didn't know what he/she was talking about

I have heard that as well, probably in a television documentary about gladiators that was on a couple of years ago.  I recall hearing that naval battles were re-created after the floor of the coloseum was filled with water.  I wish I had a reference I could quote.  At any rate, that information has been going around.

I heard that to, but I also heard that it is more likely that there was a special ampithetre built on the other side of the tiber, or it was already in existance. Basically, if there were mock sea battles, it wasnt in the colloseum:)
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Did they play out mock battles on the Tiber? What arenas in Rome could have hosted such events before the construction of the Coliseum?

I've hear of these magnificent floating wooden platforms from the time of Nero that were found before WWII. Alas, these were destroyed during the war. Supposedly, the served as galleries for spectators at such events. Does anyone know anything else about this?



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