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COTD 8.4.03


Aurelian, Restorer of the World, presumably referring to his reuniting of the empire. IMP C AVRELIANVS PF AVG, reverse RESTITVT ORBIS, star in field, KA beta; pregnant woman presenting emperor with wreath. Serdica mint.

Ah, is it meant to be pregnant woman presenting emperor with wreath or is it one of those humerous anomalies? :-\ ::) EC would love it. ;) Aurelian has one mighty baby finger. ::)
Great coin, nice portrait as well as reverse.
                                     LordBest. 8)

I think the answer to that would depend on the mythological associations of the woman, and here I'm stumped. I'm sure I came across a speculation somewhere that she might be Terra, but that was all it appeared to be. Looking at vaious sites, I've come across images of similar coins where the woman also looked pregnant, so can anyone think of a reason why the restoration of the empire, or the world, would be associated with pregnancy? Would she be about to give birth to a new age, or anything like that?

Nice coin. Bought similar RESTITVT ORBIS coin recently to myself too. Although I'm focused to the second half of 4-th century and 5-th  century coins, considering the historical backround of this coin, I think this is the "must have" coin.


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