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Here's a grungy but interesting coin. A truncated foot! what fun. :)

Trajan Decius --AE21. Pisidia, Isinda. R: Truncated Human Foot left. Von Aulock, Pisidiens I, p. 97, 898ff. 08/06/2001

Several years ago when I bought this coin, I asked a few of the 'experts' on the meaning. Several theories, but mostly just guesses.

Maybe it was to commemorate Decius "stamping" out the Gothic invasions. ;) A very odd thing to put a coin. Perhaps it represents the votive wossnames left at temples? Hows that for a guess. 8)
                                          Lordbest. 8)

Yes, it could be a temple offering (that was one suggestion) or it could be related to isinda's apparently mountainous terrain (aka hiking) or to Decius foot infection or? I paid too much for this because I thought it was amusing. :P

I can just imagine a commemorative column in the city "To our divine lord Trajan Decius, we hope your foot infection gets better soon. To this end we have struck a series of votive coins. Love, the people of Isinda. P.S. We would like a new ampitheatre."
                                       LordBest. 8)

The answer is obvious, italy had some foot problems going and had to take the boot off  :-X  ;D


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