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Death of Constantine II

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Agreed that 'Tius II wasn't present, but were any of his troops?  He had sided with and remained neutral for Constans several times on internal issues, part of the aminosity with 'Tine II.  Having most of his troops engaged elsewhere,  he may not have been able to do anything about Constans' filling the power void anyway.  It seems these two brothers maintained at least an uneasy peace between them, as illustrated by their lack of attempted fratricide, so common of the day.  Tine II's army, intending to take large chunks of territory, had to be fairly decent in size.  To be destroyed as they were would be some mean trick unless the intelligence information was timely and superb with troop availability.

Or unless Constantine just cocked up, or got taken by surprise. For all we know, his army might have been scattered all over the map like the British troops at Isandlwana.


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