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Unusual Caracalla denarius portrait

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William J Bligh:
Thoughts on this, anyone? Is it a provincial mint or a barbarous imitative type or what?? He just looks so....WEIRD.

   Very different / unique for sure.  Not the typical juvenile Marcus Antoninus portrait, where (to me, anyway) he always looks so much like Geta.

  Just right-off the ‘cuff’ so to speak – my gut-reaction is to suspect it’s a provincial & not a barbaric imitation.
  What does the reverse look like?

  Best –

William J Bligh:
Here's the reverse - Apparently its the 'Securitas Perpetua' type, but the legend is a bit blundered.
Here's a link to the official type on wildwinds.

It's too bad there's a large scratch across the reverse, but the portrait intrigued me enough to pick it up anyways

    Thanks for showing the reverse, too.
  Yeah – that’s sure different.
  I’m clueless.
  Still have a gut feeling it’s Provincial – but my gut feelings usually prove wrong in these questions it seems.

  I definitely understand your underlying question better now, tho’ – thanks.

  Also for the obverse – the official one (@ WW’s) – shows M. Antoninus as bear-head, draped and cuirassed, right: where yours is laureate.
  Maybe a different (but similar) coin altogether?
  Best –

As you suspected, clearly an ancient imitation, combining a rev. of 196/7 AD with blundered legend, with an obv. of 199-200.  Hence the wierd style!  Interesting nevertheless.


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