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One more question unrelated to Jack the Ripper :) - Provenence also references a William Webster. Is this the dictionary Webster or a more modern unrelated person? I found easy mention that the other two noteables collected coins, but nothing on Webster.

Weber 7969 records the source of the coin as "Webster Sale, 1886".
That is catalogue 1886, 36 in British Num. Auction Catalogues, p. 156: Sotheby, 22-23 Dec. 1886, the late William Webster.
I don't know anything else about Mr. Webster, except that, since he died before Dec. 1886, he can't have been Jack the Ripper!

Just to save anyone else the trouble, I checked the List of Contributors (to the 11th edition, 1910, and many from the 9th, 1885) in the General Index volume of the Britannica.  No William Webster.  Also, he didn't get any article in vol. 26, however so brief, nor is he mentioned in any other article.  It is rather remarkable for any learned person to have escaped contributing anything at all.  So I guess he was just one of the quiet ones.  Needless to say, I don't have the National Dictionary of Biography, whose very title I may have mis-cited here, but I mean the old Sir Leslie Stephen, et al., work (there is also a new one).  Pat Lawrence


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